Wind Turbines continue to be a primary source of renewable energy in the United States. These critical assets supply electricity to some of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. For the owners and operators of these sites, proper maintenance and repair programs are essential to the continued profitable operations of their assets. AAIR Team drone inspection and asset management services are a key component for any wind farm maintenance program. Our expertly trained and field experienced inspection crews can deliver a comprehensive inspection report for all critical wear components (blades, structural towers, welds etc..)
AIR UAV’s eliminate the need for climbing ropes, manual lifts and personnel in the air – all of which are cost-prohibitive and pose significant safety risks.

Drone / UAV Blade Inspection
Blades are essential to a turbines capacity to efficiently produce power. As these components are exposed to the continuous stresses and environmental conditions of operation, structural integrity and aerodynamic performance can become compromised. Routine blade inspection is key to avoiding unexpected catastrophic failure and optimizing an owners repair budget.

End of Warranty Inspection
Preventative maintenance and routine inspection are not just for assets with advanced life cycles. Equipment coming off warranty represents a large amount of risk shifting from the OEM to the asset owner. AAIR EOW inspections offer the owner a 3rd party option to collect the conditional assessments necessary for a smooth transfer of maintenance responsibly and liability.

Structural Tower Inspections
Structural Integrity of the steel tower is often overlooked in the maintenance plan of wind assets. Welds are critical components of the asset that can sometimes suffer severe internal defects during manufacturing. Inclusions that propagate to the surface are indicators of a much larger potential issue. Drones can provide regular visual inspections of these components and catch defects before they can cause a failure. AAIR’s ASNT and AWS qualified inspectors offer industry leading analysis of welds and steel connections so that the owner can rest easy knowing their asset is in good condition.

Data Management
Work smarter, not harder. This is the mantra AAIR had in mind when we created AAIR Link, our new cloud based asset management solution. Data solutions are critical to a well performing asset management strategy. Link is the solution. Precise and secure data storage, insightful analytics and streamlined data delivery make AAIR’s UAV based asset management service a turnkey solution for our clients. Leverage the power of AAIR Link and take your business to new heights.