Grid stability and resilience are paramount in the world of Utility Generation, Transmission and Distribution operations. Asset inspection and maintenance strategies are key to providing reliable electric energy to consumers. UAV transmission line inspections performed by AAIR provide an owner with a cost effective, safety driven solution that directly impacts the bottom line. Inspecting live lines without scheduling outages combined with the elimination of expensive cranes and full-scale aircraft are value drivers leveraged by our clients. And, with over 105 years of professional engineering experience in design, manufacturing and inspection of transmission structures, AAIR offers a truly comprehensive solution to the Utility Industry.

Data Management
Do you have a plan in place to manage the massive amounts of data produced by UAS inspections? Effective data control is absolutely necessary for a robust and functioning asset management strategy. AAIR Link offers the data storage, analysis, and management solution you need to take control of your asset portfolio. Find out how our proprietary software can ignite your operational success.

Forensic Failure Analysis
The immediate response to unexpected failures is to bring the asset back in service as quickly and as safely as possible. It is equally important to determine the root cause of the failure in order to prevent future occurrences. AAIR’s expertise in forensic analysis of materials and manufacturing processes gives our clients the insight they need to manage risk of future failure and safeguard their business from the unexpected.

End of Warranty Inspection
Line owners assume massive amounts of undue risk once a warranty period for a new line expires. How can you be sure that your assets are free from warrantable defects without a comprehensive, detailed inspection? UAS make these types of inspections cost effective and yield the conditional information necessary to minimize an owners risk profile post warranty.

Storm Damage Assessment
Mother Nature can be a powerful force that sometimes wreaks havoc on utility infrastructure. Returning power to the public during extensive outages in no small feat. UAS can offer quick reaction response to weather events, providing our clients with real time situational awareness from above that can enhance the efforts of crews on the ground.

Emergency Inspection
Unexpected failures can present many challenges for a line owner. Bringing the asset back into service in the most safe and cost efficient manner possible is our primary mission. UAS provide the access and perspective needed to accomplish those operational goals.

Post Construction Documentation
Ensuring that a new construction project is completed to specification is critical for an owner. It is equally important to document the as-built condition of a new line as running changes often occur during erection. UAS make that process much more valuable both from a cost and deliverable perspective.

Routine Inspection
Collecting data is only half the battle. AAIR’s engineering expertise related to structures gives our clients complete insight into the true condition of their asset.

Field Repair & Remediation
AAIR crews are expertly trained in weld /crack repair for steel and concrete structures as well as corrosion and coatings remediation.